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The Lost and Damned bringt nicht nur neue Waffen, Fahrzeuge oder Missionen mit sich, sondern bereichert die Radiostationen von Liberty City auch mit neuer Musik!

Soundtrack CD

Auch zu GTA: IV The Lost and Damned gibt es eine LP mit sechs exklusiv für das Spiel aufgenommenen Songs von Größen wie Talib Kweli, Freeway und Termanology.

1. Termanology
2. Freeway
3. Saigon
4. Skyzoo
5. Consequence
6. Talib Kweli
" Here in Liberty City "
" Carjack "
" Spit "
" The Chase Is On "
" I Hear Footsteps "
" My Favorite Song "

Liberty City Hardcore Rock

Moderation: Jimmy Gestapo
Musikrichtung: Hardcore Rock

Neue Songs in der Rotation:
1. At the Gates
2. Drive By Audio
3. Celtic Frost
4. Entombed
5. Sepultura
6. Deicide
7. Cannibal Corpse
8. Bathory
9. Kreator
10. Terrorizer
"Slaughter of the Soul"
"Inner Sanctum"
"Dead Embryonic Cells"
"Dead by Dawn"
"I Cum Blood"
"Call From the Grave"
"Awakening of the Gods"
"Fear of Napalm"

LRR 97.8 Liberty Rock Radio

Moderation: DJ Iggy Pop
Musikrichtung: Rock

Neue Songs in der Rotation:
1. Nazareth
2. Styx
3. Rod Stewart
4. Lynyrd Skynyrd
5. The James Gang
6. The Edgar Winter Group
7. Aerosmith
8. Deep Purple
9. AC/DC
10. Foghat
11. The Doors
12. Alice Cooper
13. Jefferson Starship
14. Iron Maiden
15. Mötley Crüe
16. Saxon
17. The Doobie Brothers
18. Bon Jovi
"Hair of the Dog"
"Every Picture Tells a Story"
"Saturday Night Special"
"Funk #49"
"Free Ride"
"Lord of the Thighs"
"Highway Star"
"Touch Too Much"
"Drivin' Wheel"
"Five to One"
"Go to Hell"
"Run to the Hills"
"Wild Side"
"Wheels of Steel"
"China Grove"
"Wanted Dead or Alive"

Radio Brooker

Moderation: Juliette Lewis
Musikrichtung: ---

Neue Songs in der Rotation:
1. Blonde Acid Cult
2. Kill Memory Crash
3. Magic Dirt
4. Brazilian Girls
5. Freeland
6. Kreeps
7. Japanther
8. Foxylane
9. Monotonix
10. Game Rebellion
11. The Yelling
12. The Jane Shermans
"Shake It Loose"
"Hell on Wheels"
"Get Ready to Die"
"Nouveau Americain"
"The Hunger (Blood in My Mouth)"
"Radical Businessman"
"Body Language"
"Dance Girl (GTA MIX)"
"Blood on the Steps"
"I Walk Alone"

The Beat 102.7

Moderation: DJ Green Latern
Musikrichtung: Hip Hop

Neue Songs in der Rotation:

1. Termanology
2. Freeway
3. Saigon
4. Skyzoo
5. Consequence
6. Talib Kweli


7. Busta Rhymes feat. Ron Browz
8. Busta Rhymes feat. Young Jeezy & Jadakiss
9. T.I. feat. Swizz Beatz
10.Ron Browz
11.DJ Khaled feat. Kanye West & T-Pain
12.Kardinal Offishall feat. Akon & Sean Paul
13.John Legend feat. Andre 3000
14.Kanye West



"Here in Liberty City"
"Car Jack"
"The Chase Is On"
"I Hear Footsteps"
"My Favorite Song"

"Arab Money"
"Swing Ya Rag"
"Jumping Out the Window"
"Go Hard"
"Dangerous (Remix)"
"Green Light"
"Love Lockdown"


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